Dear Reader,

Feeling a little down? Need a little pick me up? This can help. Would you like some food for thought and words of encouragement for everyday living? I share my observations about life, love, family and personal growth.

Life is not always what we want it to be. Nor does it turn out according to plan. Life is about growing. There is no map.

The words, thoughts and perceptions I have received inside my head seem to appear as if by magic. I honestly cannot credit myself for the handiwork of another or others, but I would like to take this opportunity to express a heart-felt thank you for allowing me the privilege of receiving these insights from the universe. I hope others, who read these words, will ultimately retain something that encourages them to connect to the world and to themselves in a new way.

Awareness, insight and understanding often alight upon us as effortlessly and as unexpectedly as that of a beautiful butterfly alighting upon our person.

Having had a near death experience in her early 20’s, Selina returned to her body with a clear awareness of having had passed over and traveling through the tunnel of light at breakneck speed. The colors of heaven were vibrant and the flowers, trees, plant life were alive with color and vibrating energy that emanated from them much like circular waves. The serenity was indescribable. Selina’s paternal grandmother who had passed over a decade earlier met her at Heaven’s glorious gate. The conversation was brief and Selina’s grandmother said that is was not time for her to stay and that she had to go back and return to physical form.

Selina returned to her body back through the tunnel of light at the same speed that she traveled at the first time and landed with a thud much like one does a belly flop when diving into a pool. Shortly thereafter, a process of automatic writing began to manifest at the most unexpected times. Selina would have no clear intent of what she planned to write. She would hold the pen over her writing paper and messages of spiritual and life wisdoms would come through. There is healing in the spoken and written word. It is Selina’s wish that there may be insights within these writings from Spirit that may benefit you. The writings cover a range of topics, including happiness, love, anger, maturity, general observations, relationships, self discovery, spiritual and religious.

Blessings to all. 

Learning and reading, are lifelong adventures.

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Selina Maxwell

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